Guide To Watching the Dota 2 International 10

In the next several weeks, the world’s eyes will be on Romania, where the top Dota 2 teams will come together after more than two years to define a new world champion.

The International 10, the most crucial meeting on the DPC is right around the corner and we will provide you with an overview of the whole world championship guides with all you need to know.


The International 10 brings us the 12 teams with the highest scores in the DPC following the two splits of the Invictus Gaming in Singapore Major, and the winner of PSG, in a similar format to the 2019 edition.
In Kiev, Ukraine, LGD Animajor.

Six qualified teams from the regional qualifications will also join, in which a monumental ticket for the tournament was competed by the top 12 teams from each DPC region who were not qualified to Ti 10.

Therefore, these are the 18 TI 10 teams:

  • China: Elephant, Invictus Gaming, PSG.LGD, Team Aster, and Vici Gaming
  • North America: Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew, and Undying
  • South America: beastcoast, SG e-sports, and Thunder Predator
  • Western Europe: Alliance, OG, and Team Secret
  • Eastern Europe: Team Spirit, and
  • Southeast Asia: Fnatic, and T1

We have to emphasise that the event has ultimately been transferred to the Arena NaÅ£ională, in Bucharest, Romania after a series of problems between the Swedish government and tournament organisations.

The 18 qualified teams will be altered to two groups of nine teams at the group stage.

Here, all teams will fight in the single round-robin format against each other, with the top four teams from each group going towards the top bracket of the main competition.

In the lower bracket, the 5th through 8th position teams will continue, and the two remaining teams will be out of the tournament.

After complications with the Swedish government, the Arena NaÅ£ională was selected as the site for The International 10. (Photo: Valve)
Haupt Event
As already noted, a large bracket with all 16 teams advancing with a double elimination system is presented in the main event for the TI 10.

In the top bracket, the top semis of the two groups is to select a team from opposite groupings between the third and fourth-placed teams. The remaining opposition team will face the second seed. All matches are best-of-three in this bracket.

But with fifth-placed teams selecting from 7th to 8th, and the sixth seed facing the remainder of the team, the bottom bracket will be the same as the top one. The first round is a best-of-one, and every subsequent round is best-of-three.

Finally, the grand finals are a best of five, without any game advantage.

The prize pool for the competition, which is the greatest in the history of esports with $40,018,195, will again break the record as is the International tradition.

The prize pool includes 1.6 million dollars from all the player sales from Battle Pass and 38,418,195 dollars financed from Valve. The allocation of the awards has not yet been revealed for The International 10.

You can follow all of the action on its official Twitch feed from The International 10.

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