Flyfly from Invictus Gaming confirms positive test for COVID-19

Flyfly from Invictus Gaming confirms positive test for COVID-19

On Saturday (2 October) the Chinese Team Invictus Gaming (IG), Jin “flyfly” Zhiyi, and team coach Su “super” Peng and a member of the staff two days following the fluffer Thiay “JT” Jun Wen were the first positive test in the team to make a positive outcome.

IG stated flyfly was probably asymptomatic and did not suffer “physical discomfort” after having been tested positives in a post on their official weibo page. Meanwhile, super and the other positive employees shared the same room, with mild headaches and fever.

IG also disclosed that starting Wednesday (29 September) they had suspended their whole preparation for TI10 to keep their players and staff in separate rooms.

After 3 team Aster players, as well as their coach and other employees, on Wednesday, Flyfly is now the fifth confirmed player to be hit by COVID-19 in Wednesday’s run for TI10.

There are other online screenshots that claim additional members of Squad Aster have been positive but the team still has an official statement to make.

IG and Team Aster, together with PSG.LGD, Vici Gaming (VG), and Elephant, are among the five Chinese teams which qualified for this annual Dota 2 world championship competition, International 10 (TI10). The five teams are boot-camping near the location for the event and overnight at the same hotel in Bucharest, Romania.

In the wake of the good cases from IG and Team Aster, in their individual Weibo profiles PSG.LGD, VG, and Elephant announced that all of their players and support staff had generated negative tests since then.

The two developers of Dota 2 and Valve Software TI10 organiser PGL did not make any comments on the subject as from the date of publication.

TI10 is scheduled to start on 7 October and last until 17 October. Several participants who are positive over a week before the event starts are more worried about the safe and successful hospitalisation of the tournament.

TI10 has 18 of the finest Dota 2 global championship teams competing and has a prize pool worth over US$40 million in the lion’s share of the event. TI10’s major tournament will take place in the Arena Na Sitterionau in Bucharest, Romania, in particular from 12 to 17 October before a live audience.