Five Heroes Who Probably Need A Buff

Five Heroes Who Probably Need A Buff

We take a look at some of the heroes Valve forgot.

After TI 10 came to an end, Dota 2 gained a lot of new players. We also got to see the addition of Marci, the newest hero in the game. She’s currently one of the hottest heroes in the game, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering her impressive skill selection.

Unfortunately, some Dota 2 heroes aren’t doing as well as Marci. Even though they may be useful in some circumstances, there are other heroes that do the job better. With that being said, here are some of the heroes that Valve and Ice_Frog should think about buffing in the near future.

Dragon Knight

Despite being one of the go-to mid laners for many pro teams, Dragon Knight is definitely not the fan-favorite in pubs. The hero does a pretty good job at the later stages of the game, but his slow farming speeds mean he’s not that powerful in pubs.

While it is true that Dragon Knight is probably one of the bulkiest mid laners, the hero can be ganked easily because he lacks an inbuilkt escape mechanism, other than his stun. The slow farming doesn’t help much, because if he gets ganked, he can’t catch up quickly. According to DotaBuff, DK has one of the lowest win ratings, and his lack of farm speed is one of the major factors.

Nature’s Prophet

NP is another common pick among pro teams, such as OG and EG. The hero is great for ganking and pushing. What’s more, Nature’s Prophet can be an excellent right-clicking carry, as long as he gets the right items.

Despite its advantages, NP can be countered relatively easily, especially in the current meta. Heroes, such as Spectre and Storm Spirit make his life a living hell, which contributes to the hero’s low win ratings. Nature’s Prophet is definitely a hero Ice_Frog should take a look at soon.

Witch Doctor

WD used to be the go-to option among support players in pub and pro games alike. His chain stun, healing, and tons of damage made him an excellent fit into many lineups; especially those that had a lot of burst damage. Even though the current meta also includes similar heroes, judging by WD’s win rating, he needs some changes to become strong again.

Nowadays, most people prefer to pick Lion because he provides a more reliable disable and tons of burst damage. A buff to Maledict or Paralyzing Cask wouldn’t go astray in making Witch Doctor a preferred support hero once again.


Axe is probably one of the signature Dota 2 heroes, which explains why people love him, regardless of the patch. Although there were some pro teams that used to take advantage of his skills, the hero is mostly popular in pubs. Unfortunately, due to the hero’s initiative nature, he is often the first to die, especially if there is no follow-up from his team. This has a negative effect on his win rating, which is around 46% in the highest MMR bracket.

Once the meta changes, Axe will probably become one of the preferred offlaners again. Until then, there are other heroes that do this job better.


Puck has always been one of the high-skill heroes. The fairy dragon requires a lot of skill and practice to master. Besides being one of the strongest mid laners, Puck was also a decent offlaner, and highly effective at dealing with skill shot heroes like Mirana and Sniper. Sadly, the tempo controller hasn’t been able to shine in this meta, despite having a lot of burst damage.

Hopefully, Puck is another hero who will come back stronger in the future.

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