Abios and Sports.ru announce a new partnership


Abios, an esports data and technology startup, has announced a partnership with Sports.ru, a Russian sports website.

Sports.ru will use Abios’ data to improve its esports offering and facilitate expansion as part of the agreement. The sports platform will include a number of features, including match and tournament calendars as well as detailed statistics.

“We have a lot of Dota 2 and CS:GO fans, and we need a dependable data source, especially during major tournaments like The International or PGL CS:GO Majors,” Aleksey Pontyakov, Senior Product Manager at Sports.ru, said.

“Our users demand a lot of information about their favourite teams, players, and tournament schedules,” says the company. Also, some of our users are die-hard fans who immerse themselves in game analytics during or after the game (and the more data, the better).”

Sports.ru, according to the press release, wants to fill the void in Russia and the CIS for a community platform for esports aficionados (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus etc).

Cyber.sports.ru, an android app called Well Played, and an app for Russian esports team Winstrike Team are presently part of its esports offering.

Fans can participate in news, tournament and match schedules, as well as community elements for esports on the platforms.

“Sports.ru and its esports initiatives have gone a long way and answer the need for esports coverage in CIS-countries, as many fans, teams, and players are located in the region,” stated Jacob Howard, Key Account Manager at Abios.

“We share their objective of elevating esports to the level of mainstream sports and recognising it as the ground-breaking phenomenon that it is.”

Abios will be able to provide esports data to Sports.ru, including match and tournament calendars, live statistics, and streaming. The granularity of the data allows dedicated fans to do a deep dive into both live in-game and post-game statistics.