Valve Dev Asks CSGO Players for Demos to Investigate Ancient Water Bug

Valve isn’t known for being very active with their community, especially when it comes to their First-person shooter, CS:GO. But that hasn’t been the case as John Mcdonald from Valve asked players to report Boosting lobbies and boosted profiles earlier this year, which did result in a massive ban wave.

Today, that was followed by a post on the r/globaloffensive subreddit by DanB, who’s also a Valve employee. In the post, he addresses the Water Bug that has been wreaking havoc on the newest map, Ancient ever since it came into rotation. 

He said Valve was investigating the water bug and asked the players to submit demos with timestamps/round numbers where they experienced the bug, which allowed players to hear footsteps across the map. 

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Players were quick to point out that it wasn’t just Ancient where the bug was prevalent on, but other maps with water too such as Overpass (B short) or Inferno (B site fountain). 

This proves that Valve is taking a more active role in the community and that they are keen to fix the bug before the Major arrives, to make it more convenient for the teams and fans alike. 

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