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Best Weekend for esports Industry? 4m Concurrent Viewers Set New Records

The max concurrent views, as per were well over 2.7 Million viewers, with people tuning in from all over the world into the English, Russian and Brazilian streams.

The first Major in 2 years for CS:GO, was bound to be one of the best. With the highest Prize pool ever in CSGO, it was hyped up even before it began and delivered even better once things got going. It broke the opening day record on the first day itself, with 667k concurrent views and we weren’t even at the arena yet.

The Legends Stage, on the first day broke the record of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 Grand Final, which says a lot about how big it was really going to be.

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In the Champions stage, nothing could have prepared fans for the records that would be broken. The Playoffs broke the 1.1 million mark on the first day itself, and the numbers kept going up and up as the stages progressed. The Quarter Final game between Natus Vincere and Team Vitality made PGL Major the most watched CSGO Major ever, with over 1.3 million viewers.

Things kept growing and growing, and as the Grand Final between NaVi and G2 esports took place, 2.7 Million viewers tuned in to witness history at the Avicii arena. The originally reported number was 2.5m, but after taking into account community streamers as well such as shroud, fl0m, Tarik and others the actual number rounded out to 2.7m+.

This is almost a 1.5million more than the previous most-viewed Major, which was ELEAGUE Atlanta 2017. Often called a dead game, or a dying game CS:GO continues to deliver new benchmarks each year.

And the spirit of fans were not hampered by the 1.5 year shift to Online CS due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as they tuned in in buckets and spades, and also filled the Avicii Arena to the brim to witness greatness.

Such high numbers would definitely intrigue more Orgs and turn their heads back to CS, as with such high numbers it proves it is the Best FPS in the world. With NA CS in shambles,iBuypower have already turned their attention to reigniting the scene and with Cloud9 teasing a comeback, things could turn for the better for North America as well as for Counter Strike fans all around the world.

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