Overwatch 2 players are mistakenly blaming Mercy for its balance problems

The Overwatch 2 community, particularly influencers and those in their orbit, are upset once again about Mercy, a hero many have maligned since the original game’s 2016 release. She is often the scapegoat for the shooter’s balance issues, a healer who many players point to as the parasite leeching away Overwatch’s competitive integrity. Instead of focusing on the new problems with powerful heroes like Sojourn and the lackluster events (opens in new tab), they’ve traveled back in time to reignite the tired debates about Mercy.

Overwatch 2 is currently in its second season after replacing the original game with a prettier and buggier sequel last October. Players are unhappy with a lot of things about its switch to a free-to-play, live service model, but one issue that many people can agree on is the slow pace of balance patches. Whether you play Competitive or stick to Quick Play, Blizzard’s infrequent patches have led to some frustrating periods with overpowered heroes and annoying metas.


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