Which Mario Suits Do You Want To See In The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Which Mario Suits Do You Want To See In The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Gavin Lane, Editor

Image: Nintendo Life

Like Kate, my thoughts immediately jumped to Kuribo’s Shoe, and I’d also love to see Statue Mario return in some form, whether part of the Tanooki Suit or otherwise. And Mario needs to wear a cape at some point. However! Seeing as Kate’s bagged the Frog Suit, I’m going to go for something from Galaxy 2. Bee Mario is a favourite, but Cloud Mario needs to appear in the movie.

I want to see if Mario’s able to converse with the little fluffy clouds that appear as he spins, and perhaps take a moment to wrestle with the existential issues surrounding inanimate objects in the Mushroom Kingdom. Does everything with a smiley face have consciousness in this world? Are they as happy as they look to be summoned into existence explicitly for Mario’s benefit only to disappear a few moments later? Are all clouds sentient in the Mushroom Kingdom, but some just don’t manifest eyes and a mouth?

The Mario Movie has very important lore questions to answer, and the Cloud Suit is a great way to address them.

Jim Norman, Staff Writer

Mario Propeller Suit
Image: Nintendo Life

To tell the truth, the Cat Suit probably would have been my pick to this question if I had been asked a week ago. I mean, that little suit is ridiculous! There’s no way that Illumination would use that as the first power-up that we see up close, right? Right?

With that number out of the way though, I think that I would most like to see the film go down some equally-ridiculous route. What about the Propeller Suit? Perhaps seeing this in glorious HD would explain just how Mario can pull off those spins without severe whiplash. Or maybe the Penguin Suit. If there is one thing more ridiculous than seeing Mario run around on all fours, it’s the thought of him sliding down a hill on his belly.

Actually, I take that back. All fours is definitely weirder…

Ollie Reynolds, Staff Writer

Mario and Cappy
Image: Nintendo Life

So I’m going to go against the grain slightly with this one and go for something that’s not necessarily just a power-up for Mario, but instead is its own fully realised character: Cappy! C’mon, who doesn’t want to see Cappy again?

While I do struggle to imagine where he might fit into the movie’s plot at this point, given everything we’ve seen up till now, I think it would be simply marvellous if he shows up during the climactic final showdown with Bowser to give Mario a bit of a leg up against his nemesis. If not that, then I’ll be quite happy for him to have a little cameo in the movie: maybe Mario momentarily loses his hat, accidentally puts Cappy on his head, then freaks out and chucks him down a pipe. Hahaha. Everybody laugh. Laugh!

Jeez, this Mario guy sure does have a packed wardrobe.

Which suits are you hoping to see get dusted off for the animated movie? Let us know in the comments below.