Unraveling Super Mario Sunshine’s mysterious language


In a surprising linguistic discovery, the enigmatic language found scattered throughout Super Mario Sunshine’s Isle Delfino has finally been deciphered, thanks to the efforts of YouTuber 2CPhoenix. Despite the game being two decades old, the mysterious ‘Dolphic’ language has intrigued players since its inception. Unveiling this linguistic puzzle required meticulous unraveling. ‘Dolphic’ text, obscured in various levels and often rendered illegible, posed a formidable challenge. Determined to crack the code, 2CPhoenix devised a cipher strategy. Starting with a single word gleaned from Pinna Park’s map, the quest for the alphabet’s remaining letters commenced.

The journey from deciphering individual words to unlocking the entire alphabet is chronicled in 2CPhoenix’s captivating video. Witness the meticulous unraveling of ‘Dolphic’ as it transforms into English, Italian, and even Japanese translations.