Switch Is Getting Another N64-Inspired Platformer, And It Looks Great

Switch Is Getting Another N64-Inspired Platformer, And It Looks Great

Fans of platformers like Banjo-Kazooie and Spyro the Dragon are in for a treat later this month, as Super Rare Games and Bynine Studios are bringing a charming new N64-inspired platformer to the Switch on 29 February, 2024.

Cavern of Dreams takes the classic, lo-fi visuals of N64 platformers to provide a new yet familiar take on the genre in which you star as Flynn, a cute dragon on a quest to rescue his unhatched buddies (yeah, that’ll sound pretty familiar to fans of Spyro).

Featuring four unique areas all linked to a central hub world, Cavern of Dreams is jam-packed with secrets and collectibles, with new power-ups to unlock as you make your way through the game.

Despite the somewhat overly-familiar premise, we love the environments showcased in the trailer, and it’s just oozing with ’90s charm from start to finish. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

– COLLECT THEM ALL: Each world is full of goodies to find. Including 40 eggs placed in perilous situations, mushrooms to feed your siblings once they hatch, collectible cards to fill out an Encyclopedia, and more!

– ACQUIRE NEW ABILITIES: Collecting eggs allows the Sage to grant Fynn new body parts, which give him new abilities! Use your tail, wings, and more to reach areas you couldn’t before and move super fast!

– A WORLD TO EXPLORE: Fynn embarks on a journey centered around exploration, puzzle-solving, and platforming. However, as he delves into the mysteries of the Cavern of Dreams, he must tread carefully, as unexpected perils may lie in wait along his path.

– MEET A WHIMSICAL CAST OF CHARACTERS: Each world is populated with strange characters who need your help. You may chat up a tree, assist a mermaid, or free a sentient soup dumpling!

– THE NOSTALGIC OST: Fully immerse yourself in Cavern of Dreams through a nostalgic and mysterious soundtrack, with each world having multiple versions of its theme based on where you are.

What do you make of Cavern of Dreams? Will you be picking it up? Let us know with a comment in the usual place.