Random: Xbox Celebrates The GameCube (And The Dreamcast!) On Their 20th Anniversary

Isn’t it nice when everyone gets along? In the spirit of things, the official Xbox Twitter account shared an image today in celebration of the OG Xbox’s 20th birthday, which brings Nintendo, PlayStation, and even SEGA in on the fun.

“One of gaming’s best eras” indeed.

The Dreamcast came out in 1998 in Japan, and 1999 in the rest of the world (except India, who would get it at the end of the year 2000), making it just about to turn 23 — the eldest of the gang.

The PS2 was next in early 2000, making it 21 this year (old enough to drink in the US, but please don’t pour whisky into your consoles).

Then, of course, it was the GameCube’s release in 2001 — we celebrated its 20th birthday in September this year!

Finally, the baby of the group, the original Xbox, came out this week in 2001. It was its birthday on Monday 15th November! Happy birthday, Xbox. Welcome to the club of consoles in their 20s. To celebrate the big 2-0, the Xbox team have been announcing all sorts of things — but you’ll have to go to PureXbox.com for that!

PlayStation likewise offered their congratulations to their former rivals on their big day, but with a little more understatement. Still, it’s sweet, no?

(Sadly, the Wii, which turns 15 on Friday, was not invited to the party.)

Was this truly one of gaming’s best eras? Let us know in the comments!


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