Monster Hunter Is Getting The Live Orchestra Treatment To Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Monster Hunter Is Getting The Live Orchestra Treatment To Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Image: Capcom

The 20th anniversary of the Monster Hunter series is almost upon us (11th March, for those wondering) and today Capcom has announced that it will be celebrating the franchise’s iconic tunes with a series of live orchestral performances later this year.

The first of these performances is set to be held in Tokyo on 11th May 2024, and will offer two different shows a day — ‘Daytime Sound Hunting Quest’ and ‘Night Sound Hunting Quest’ — before moving on to Fukuoka, Sapporo, and Osaka.

The announcement tweet (below) makes no mention of a livestream for any of these performances, though a recording of the 2022 Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert was shared online after the event, so there is every chance that Capcom will do the same this time around.

The following announcement has been translated via Google, so be aware that some specific wording may vary:

“Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Orchestra Concert ~Big Hunting Music Festival~” will be held to commemorate the 20th anniversary! This time it will be held in 4 cities: Tokyo, Fukuoka, Sapporo, and Osaka! The Tokyo performance will be held on Saturday, May 11, 2024 at Tokyo International Forum Hall A, with two performances a day for the first time in the “Hunting Music Festival”!

A follow-up tweet from Capcom announced that applications for advance lottery tickets for the Tokyo performance are now open and have been sent to ‘Monster Hunter Club’ email subscribers. More information on the event can be found on the Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Orchestra Concert website.

As far as Capcom has revealed, the series’ 20th anniversary still seems to be something of a low-key affair. There has been a poll to judge fans’ favourite monster and the reveal of some commemorative artwork, but nothing that really leaps out has been announced as of yet. Will Capcom have something else up its sleeve? We’ll just have to wait and see.